Mount Wilson’s Star

Have you recently seen a bright light on top of Mount Wilson shining in different colors? It’s an art experiment called Sunstar created by artist Liliane Lin and astrophysicist John Vallerga. The six glass prisms that make up Sunstar take in sunlight on top of a 150 foot tower, refracting and bending the light allowing it to show all the colors of the rainbow. With it being able to be controlled by a remote, the operator can change the directions the prisms face. This allows it to project any color on the spectrum, and the light can be seen all around the Los Angeles basin. In addition to that feature, you can also walk a certain distance and the light being emitted will change colors. Mount Wilson Observatory says it’s like “walking across a giant spectrum some 250 yards long”. If you travel a certain distance East or West of where you are standing you will notice the light being emitted is changing color the further you go. On the 4th of July, Sunstar will be shining its light for everyone to see, this will then be happening every day for a month. If you can see Mount Wilson, you can see the Sunstar glisten and beam down on you.

Image by Mount Wilson Observatory via
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