COVID-19 in Brazil

It is no surprise that the pandemic is bringing many difficulties to countries all over the world, and Brazil is no exception. From mid April to the end of April, Brazil was on the edge of their ability to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Hospitals were flooded with COVID-19 patients and 3,100 patients were dying every day in mid April. Despite the power of the virus, the alertness of the medical groups contributed greatly to the prevention of this outbreak; more medical and scientific research is done to better examine the virus, and scientists are figuring out an efficient solution to the pandemic. The country lacked testing earlier in the pandemic, which caused many cases to be overlooked. As vaccines and accurate medical care are given to patients in Brazil, the country is backing away from danger although they nearly met their patient capacity.

Brazil’s current goal is to stabilize their patients and control the virus, though the number of deaths is still relatively high. With the continuous care for the Brazilian patients, hopefully this would be their last wave of the pandemic. 

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