School Lunch Survey

School lunch is important for students as it offers the nutrients the students need. When our school was reopened in early April, our school offered school lunch again every day. In our survey, our school offers In-N-Out, Chinese Bowls, Pizza, Church’s Chicken, and Yoshinoya because their price is affordable for students. It has been almost two months since our school began offering school lunch again. Here is our students’ review of the school lunch from 13 students:

In the study of the school lunch survey, all of the students interviewed had school lunch before, but some of them said they only had school lunch last year. For those who had school lunch this year, approximately half of them had school lunch every day. Many students bought drinks and water before. The most popular lunches are In-N-Out and the Chinese Bowl.

We also asked students’ opinions about the improvement of the school lunch. Seven students enjoyed their school lunch and thought that no improvement was needed. Other students suggested providing more fruits or vegetables, eliminating straws, and offering Popeyes, KFC, Wingstop, and more other choices.

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