School COVID Survey

With cases still rising and the vaccine still not yet administered to people below the age of 18 the question arises, How safe are we? Over the course of two days, I interviewed multiple students (3 classes worth, in high school) to get their opinions on how the school is working to keep us safe and combat the coronavirus.

All students interviewed thought that the protection offered was adequate but this does not mean it cannot be better as well all students interviewed agreed that the restrictions are necessary to keep us and those around us safe.

 However, a divide begins to form later on. Only 57% of students interviewed agreed that nothing is in need of changing while the remaining 43% say that things are in need of changing. Amongst the changes suggested a few stand out, better access to water (in lieu of drinking fountains), sanitary wipes on hand for students, and the big one with double the amount of any other suggestion being put forward… A greater focus on maintaining social distancing within the classrooms and near major places people surround (microwaves in the cafeteria).

While people feel that some things are safe there is still a risk of contracting the virus, so how much do people worry about it. Luckily most of our students feel safe with none at all worrying a lot about contracting the virus at school and a nearly 70 30 split between Worrying a Little, and Not Worrying At All. Overall our school has done a great job at protecting us from Covid and the students seem to understand and acknowledge that.

High Confidence is shown by this graph.
Drinking Fountains are out of commission making it hard to get free water on campus.
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