Faculty’s Opinions on Final Exams

Timson Wu

Finals can be interpreted in a few ways. Stressful; students have to cram all the information they have learned in every single class across this quarter. Mixed feelings; finals are a pain, but that means school is almost over. The teachers at Arroyo Pacific Academy have different ways of preparing students for finals so passing it will be easier. For example, a teacher at APA will prepare their students by providing a study guide for the final, while another teacher at APA is going to try a different approach and let the students compose the final. A different teacher at APA believes that “Final exams are never comprehensive meaning my students at minimum have to remember the rhetorical techniques and apply those techniques into reading and writing.” Across all the teachers that have been interviewed, none of them have claimed that their preparation is too much. Dr. Huang, a math teacher at APA, believes that ideally, most of the material taught in class is worth recollecting repeatedly, which is understandable because every teacher has different standards for their classes. Most other teachers don’t expect their students to memorize all the material taught in class, but only the key concepts and the important parts that will help students in the future. 

All the teachers that have been interviewed agree that if the students at least pass the final with a decent grade beforehand, no student should fail his/her class. One teacher also specifically said, “ However, no student will pass or fail my class by virtue of doing excellent or poor on the exam alone. Students perform about as well on my exam as they would in my class, overall.” Our History teacher, Dr. Huang, and along with all the other teachers, believe that the finals are necessary because they, show mastery of the material, prepare students for college exams, reinforce the material taught in class, show students their achievements in class, and “The Final is definitely imperative to learning. Learning with no assessment is wasting free energy in thermodynamics and life in general.” said by Dr. Huang. This shows all the different preparations, opinions, approaches, and standards of each teacher at APA.

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