Evolution of APA

The history of Arroyo Pacific Academy can not be explained in a sentence or two. So, we organized it into some main topics for you to have a better look at our school!

Students and learning

Arroyo Pacific Academy was established as a college preparatory school. The courses here are based upon the needs of the student and the U.C. college requirements. Throughout the years, the school has adopted more AP (Advanced Placement) classes as they are approved by the  University of California College Board. The students’ workload also increased as a result of these classes, but they are for the benefits of the students to prepare for college. 

The way that the teachers lecture has always remained constant: all the teachings are suited for each student, and changes are guaranteed in order to assist the students to their best performance. To better achieve this goal, the school has also added elective classes based on the students’ interests, and added a study hall to provide assistance during school hours.


Over the years, the school has adopted more AP classes, electives, and clubs. AP classes are added to help students succeed academically. Examples include AP Biology, Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, etc.

An important part of the school’s tradition is the yearly trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain! Every year, the school plans a field trip, two weeks before graduation, for the high schoolers to spend time in Magic Mountain as a way for relaxation.


In the early stage of the school, it was small and it was located right down “the street”.  Then, we bought and renovated the Clarke Center. We purchased building B about three years ago. Following that, we have gained many important rooms in the school, like science and computer labs, a gym, music room, etc. After building the necessary components, little upgrades were put in to improve the overall quality of the building and teaching. 

How is APA different from other schools?

Small-sized classrooms allow teachers to give more attention to each student, and allow for a more efficient teaching experience. Students may also introduce electives and clubs to further develop their soft skills outside academic requirements. You can find detailed articles of the school clubs in the “Clubs and Activities” section of this website.


European (White)Latino / HispanicAfrican American (Black)Native American (Indian)Asian / Pacific IslanderMENA (Middle Eastern & North African)Unidentified / Other


Feedbacks from the WASC Visiting Committee have always been positive; their members concluded that the staff and faculty members are very talented, enthusiastic, and committed in helping the students to achieve their goals. Parents and students have reported satisfaction and the students felt prepared for their college, just as they expected. For more detailed explanations, please visit the sources link below this article.


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My name is Tina Li, I am a high school student at Arroyo Pacific Academy. I love to make origami and explore the varieties of lifestyles that we live in today! My journalism articles will focus much on these topics as well as catching up with the school activities, see you soon!

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Hiiiiiiiii, my name is Alec Ngo. You are lucky that I kept it short, my full name is Ngo Tran Gia Khanh. I’m a first-year student here at Arroyo Pacific Academy and a first-time journalist too. You can basically expect news from me that is in the genre of International news, politically related topics, and sometimes student-life orientated research. I’m not gonna tell anything more about me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯