Brexit Trade Taxes raise tensions in North Ireland, violence ensues.

In the wake of BREXIT Pro Irish Loyalists in Northern Ireland have been protesting the policies imposed along the border by the UK.

Previously, the Prime Minister of the UK said there would be no border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. As a result of Brexit including trade barriers, however, the UK put up the trade barriers anyway. These barriers caused rising tensions in the region as more and more Irish protest to let Northern Ireland be free and meet their actual demands. The increasingly violent protests have led to even further tensions between the two groups and violence has erupted around the territory regarding Irish protests.

Irish activists say that Britain has fundamentally misunderstood what Ireland and North Ireland want. With poor decision-making by the UK, there are possible worries of North Ireland attempting to leave the UK and unify Ireland again.

Cars are hijacked and then destroyed by protesters in North Ireland.

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