Are Esports Sports?

E-sports has always been a topic of discussion. Some people think that it is a sport, but some people think it is not. Although it has been certified in countries such as China, many people still think it does not belong in the sports category.

I think esports are not a sport, because the first thing to be sure is that esports is not essentially a sport. However, Go, chess and other games have reached the standards of competitive sports because of their reasonable and fair nature. Strictly speaking, these two games are not considered sports, but are independently divided into competitive    sports, like esports. Sports is a healthy way of life, so it has to be healthy, positive, and upward.

Everyone’s opinion is different. In the eyes of professional players, e-sports is sports; in the eyes of parents, esports are games; in the eyes of children, playing games is esports. It is difficult for ordinary people to draw a clear line between e-sports and games. 英雄联盟iG夺冠文章成高三阅读理解题, 题目貌似还不简单! This picture is 2018 world championship get the first. I got this picture from google.

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