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APA’s Events

One of APA’s main things that make learning here so enjoyable is the vibrant atmosphere punctuated by amazing, fun events and great engagement. However, in the wake of the coronavirus, we seem to have lost this. Many people from the seniors of last year to those of this year and every other class have lost […]
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US Border Situation. What may be hidden?

Is the border truly in crisis? A tense situation is developing along the United States Southern border as thousands of people pour into the US in record-breaking numbers, but why is this happening?  Usually, around this time the US faces a spike in immigrants coming up from South America and Mexico, but this time it […]
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Are Esports Sports?

E-sports has always been a topic of discussion. Some people think that it is a sport, but some people think it is not. Although it has been certified in countries such as China, many people still think it does not belong in the sports category. I think esports are not a sport, because the first […]
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New Hastings Ranch California Fish Grill

There’s a new food spot that opened up in Hastings Ranch that has gotten really popular called California Fish Grill. Their selection of fish are salmon, swai, ahi tuna, tilapia, shrimp, bass, catfish, and mahi-mahi most served grilled. The fish can be paired with salad, corn, fries or rice served on a dish. They also […]
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Death of the Author?

“The Death of the Author” is an essay by French theorist and literary critic Roland Barthes in 1967. Essentially, it stated that once a work is written, the author’s biases and intentions hold no more special weight. After all, something the author might have set out to accomplish can have an entirely different meaning depending […]
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