About the hiking club in Arroyo Pacific Academy

Clubs are an important part of the school experience. Our school members have started a vast variety of clubs that have been approved by staff and faculty including the hiking club. The hiking club offers a leisurely time at a cabin while also providing exercise through hiking all supervised by the club moderator Sunny. Food as a whole will be provided by the supervisors of this club, utility such as a small propane stove, utensils, a small kitchen set which includes a knife, a peeler, and a cutting board. Students are able to bring their phones as a way to take pictures of their experiences. Meals will be cooked on a portable propane gas stove, and light metal pans will be used to make food. Exercising is important for everyone even for you, the reader, that’s why creating a club that can motivate people through excitement and experiencing the wonders of nature with your friends is so crucial.  The difficulties of our trails average around only a few miles per hike, we may also do multiple hikes a day. Various rules such as no feeding wild animals, wearing a mask during the pandemic (may change after the pandemic is over), no going beyond our property, etc. are set in place to ensure no one will get injured or unintentionally break the law. The views we will experience on the trails will be magnificent, but be aware that the main reason the hiking club was founded was to motivate people to exercise while also undergoing wondrous scenes from on the mountains.

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Hi, my is Timson Wu, and I’m a freshman at Arroyo Pacific Academy. One of the classes that I can express and write about school news is Journalism. I enjoy writing about clubs and other school-related news.