Experiences at APA That, Unfortunately, Didn’t Happen

Timson Wu

Coronavirus has prevented many of us from doing outdoor activities or field trips. Due to the Coronavirus,  we were unable to attend all of our field trips as freshmen. APA had prepared field trips such as ice skating in the Pasadena Ice Skating Center, bowling at the Westfield Santa Anita Shopping Center, and the Los Angeles Zoo. 

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center is about a 13-minute drive from our school, which is quite close. The pricing per individual admission is 12 USD, but skate rentals add an additional 5 USD for a total of 17 USD. All grades in middle school and high school were able to attend the field trip, so a sixth of the skating rink people were APA students. 

The Bowlero at the Westfield Shopping Center in Arcadia is relatively big inside for how it looks from the outside. The pricing is about $4.75 per game (per person) and another $4.75 for shoe rental (per person). Like the ice skating center trip, all grades were also allowed to attend this field trip. 

The Los Angeles Zoo field trip was one of the less exciting one compared to the other three. First, the drive time is roughly 20-28 minutes which is much longer compared to Bowlero and the center. The 40-56 minutes on the road makes the trip sound much duller than it actually is. The admission for the zoo is almost double the price for the ice skating center at a whopping 22 dollars for ages 13-61. Once our students were inside the zoo. Many of us split into groups and explored different areas of the zoo. This trip took roughly around 12 to four hours and yet we didn’t get to fully explore the Los Angeles Zoo. Unfortunately, all these events that could’ve happened again this year were all canceled due to the pandemic.

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