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-Timson Wu

Origami Club Article

Origami is an art that is creative by nature. At times, expressing your feelings through a form of art is needed. Paper is basically infinity. There are so many ways you can use paper to create what you imagine. Our origami club is a group of talented young people that are interested in creating crafts as a way to spend their limited but valuable time with their friends. When you’re experiencing the excitement of the origami club, you’ll forget all about the waking world and travel into a world where paper comes to life. Every Wednesday the club president, Tina, informs all the members to go to the club room to host a club gathering. In the club gathering, the vice president, Nicole, and I teach the other members of the club how to form origami. The moderator of the club, Mrs. Yen, will come to the club meeting when she is avalible. One of the origami that Nicole and I have taught is the flapping crane. The club officers learn the origami ahead of time to assure that the experience of the club members will run as smoothly as possible. Only one meeting has been hosted since the creation of the club, but many more exciting gatherings have yet to be hosted.

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