APA’s Events

One of APA’s main things that make learning here so enjoyable is the vibrant atmosphere punctuated by amazing, fun events and great engagement. However, in the wake of the coronavirus, we seem to have lost this. Many people from the seniors of last year to those of this year and every other class have lost […]

Evolution of APA

The history of Arroyo Pacific Academy can not be explained in a sentence or two. So, we organized it into some main topics for you to have a better look at our school! Students and learning Arroyo Pacific Academy was established as a college preparatory school. The courses here are based upon the needs of […]

School Lunch Survey

School lunch is important for students as it offers the nutrients the students need. When our school was reopened in early April, our school offered school lunch again every day. In our survey, our school offers In-N-Out, Chinese Bowls, Pizza, Church’s Chicken, and Yoshinoya because their price is affordable for students. It has been almost […]

Faculty’s Opinions on Final Exams

Timson Wu Finals can be interpreted in a few ways. Stressful; students have to cram all the information they have learned in every single class across this quarter. Mixed feelings; finals are a pain, but that means school is almost over. The teachers at Arroyo Pacific Academy have different ways of preparing students for finals […]

What is Negative Peer Pressure, and have our students experience it yet?

What is negative peer pressure? Well, to put it in simple terms it’s when your friends influence you to do something that normally you wouldn’t do by yourself. In less simple terms, it’s when an individual adopts harmful habits, like smoking and drinking alcohol, to feel like they are accepted in a social group and […]

School COVID Survey

With cases still rising and the vaccine still not yet administered to people below the age of 18 the question arises, How safe are we? Over the course of two days, I interviewed multiple students (3 classes worth, in high school) to get their opinions on how the school is working to keep us safe […]