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The Details of How & Why The Myanmar Coup D’etat Took Place.

What Happened In the early morning, on the first of February 2021, the Tatmadaw, officially known as the Burmese Military, launched a military coup, taking over the democratically elected government of Myanmar. The army general Min Aung Hlaing accused the Aung San Suu Kyi government or the NLD party (National League for Democracy) of voter […]

Brexit Trade Taxes raise tensions in North Ireland, violence ensues.

In the wake of BREXIT Pro Irish Loyalists in Northern Ireland have been protesting the policies imposed along the border by the UK. Previously, the Prime Minister of the UK said there would be no border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. As a result of Brexit including trade barriers, however, the UK put up the […]

Civil Unrest in Ethiopia: What Causes It & What Has Happened So Far.

Preview At The Conflict Countries like Sudan and Eritrea have seen devastating waves of refugees (2500+) flooding into their countries. The primary cause is the power dispute between the federal government and the regional one. Tigray’s regional government is called the TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front), established back in 1975, and most of Ethiopia’s modern […]