Math Club is coming soon and anyone is welcomed to join.

There are clubs in our school now, and APA introduces a Math Team Club! The aim of the Math Team Club is to join math competitions like AMC, practice logical thinking, and discuss math problems. We will offer problems that we will practice and discuss. We will discuss the tactics of tackling the problems. All […]

Experiences at APA That, Unfortunately, Didn’t Happen

Timson Wu Coronavirus has prevented many of us from doing outdoor activities or field trips. Due to the Coronavirus,  we were unable to attend all of our field trips as freshmen. APA had prepared field trips such as ice skating in the Pasadena Ice Skating Center, bowling at the Westfield Santa Anita Shopping Center, and […]

About the hiking club in Arroyo Pacific Academy

Clubs are an important part of the school experience. Our school members have started a vast variety of clubs that have been approved by staff and faculty including the hiking club. The hiking club offers a leisurely time at a cabin while also providing exercise through hiking all supervised by the club moderator Sunny. Food […]

A place where paper comes to life

-Timson Wu Origami Club Article Origami is an art that is creative by nature. At times, expressing your feelings through a form of art is needed. Paper is basically infinity. There are so many ways you can use paper to create what you imagine. Our origami club is a group of talented young people that […]