Evolution of APA

The history of Arroyo Pacific Academy can not be explained in a sentence or two. So, we organized it into some main topics for you to have a better look at our school! Students and learning Arroyo Pacific Academy was established as a college preparatory school. The courses here are based upon the needs of […]

COVID-19 in Brazil

It is no surprise that the pandemic is bringing many difficulties to countries all over the world, and Brazil is no exception. From mid April to the end of April, Brazil was on the edge of their ability to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Hospitals were flooded with COVID-19 patients and 3,100 patients were dying […]

Egyptian Mummy – King Tut

There are many ancient traditions that were practiced long ago. You may have seen the topic of mummies resurfacing in movies. They are part of Egyptian culture. Egyptians have been practicing mummification since ancient times. Mummification is the act of preserving one’s body while also keeping the body intact so it could be transported to […]