India’s coronavirus wave

Overview Reaching a record breaking number of 400,000 cases on April 30, 2021, India is currently being devastated by a second wave of the coronavirus. Officially, 19.3 million cases have been confirmed and more than 270,000 dead. However in reality, experts say it is likely much higher. Why is India’s second wave so bad? After […]

The Effects of Online Class on Mental Health

Although we may be back at school, the coronavirus has still left many students relying on online classes to get the proper education they need. Unfortunately, this does not provide the proper amount of support necessary for students to truly thrive. What issues does online school bring to students’ mental health? The stress and chaos […]

Death of the Author?

“The Death of the Author” is an essay by French theorist and literary critic Roland Barthes in 1967. Essentially, it stated that once a work is written, the author’s biases and intentions hold no more special weight. After all, something the author might have set out to accomplish can have an entirely different meaning depending […]