School Lunch Survey

School lunch is important for students as it offers the nutrients the students need. When our school was reopened in early April, our school offered school lunch again every day. In our survey, our school offers In-N-Out, Chinese Bowls, Pizza, Church’s Chicken, and Yoshinoya because their price is affordable for students. It has been almost […]

Math Club is coming soon and anyone is welcomed to join.

There are clubs in our school now, and APA introduces a Math Team Club! The aim of the Math Team Club is to join math competitions like AMC, practice logical thinking, and discuss math problems. We will offer problems that we will practice and discuss. We will discuss the tactics of tackling the problems. All […]

The last chapter of Attack on Titan Manga series is released

(You must read the manga only if you are 16+) Lots of people like to read manga, a comic work originated from Japan. Recently, a big news for the manga fans is that the final chapter of Attack on Titan Manga series was released on April 9, 2021. Attack on Titan was the story about […]

Nuclear Fusion: A Possible Way to Provide Power in Future

Electricity is essential for our daily lives. You need it for your cellphones, computers, lightbulbs, and other electronic devices. The more people use these devices, the more electric power we need to produce. Nuclear Fusion reaction has been studied as an alternative way to produce power for a long time because it will produce lots […]