APA’s Events

One of APA’s main things that make learning here so enjoyable is the vibrant atmosphere punctuated by amazing, fun events and great engagement. However, in the wake of the coronavirus, we seem to have lost this. Many people from the seniors of last year to those of this year and every other class have lost […]

US Border Situation. What may be hidden?

Is the border truly in crisis? A tense situation is developing along the United States Southern border as thousands of people pour into the US in record-breaking numbers, but why is this happening?  Usually, around this time the US faces a spike in immigrants coming up from South America and Mexico, but this time it […]

Brexit Trade Taxes raise tensions in North Ireland, violence ensues.

In the wake of BREXIT Pro Irish Loyalists in Northern Ireland have been protesting the policies imposed along the border by the UK. Previously, the Prime Minister of the UK said there would be no border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. As a result of Brexit including trade barriers, however, the UK put up the […]

School COVID Survey

With cases still rising and the vaccine still not yet administered to people below the age of 18 the question arises, How safe are we? Over the course of two days, I interviewed multiple students (3 classes worth, in high school) to get their opinions on how the school is working to keep us safe […]