What is Negative Peer Pressure, and have our students experience it yet?

What is negative peer pressure? Well, to put it in simple terms it’s when your friends influence you to do something that normally you wouldn’t do by yourself. In less simple terms, it’s when an individual adopts harmful habits, like smoking and drinking alcohol, to feel like they are accepted in a social group and […]

New Hastings Ranch California Fish Grill

There’s a new food spot that opened up in Hastings Ranch that has gotten really popular called California Fish Grill. Their selection of fish are salmon, swai, ahi tuna, tilapia, shrimp, bass, catfish, and mahi-mahi most served grilled. The fish can be paired with salad, corn, fries or rice served on a dish. They also […]

About the hiking club in Arroyo Pacific Academy

Clubs are an important part of the school experience. Our school members have started a vast variety of clubs that have been approved by staff and faculty including the hiking club. The hiking club offers a leisurely time at a cabin while also providing exercise through hiking all supervised by the club moderator Sunny. Food […]

The last chapter of Attack on Titan Manga series is released

(You must read the manga only if you are 16+) Lots of people like to read manga, a comic work originated from Japan. Recently, a big news for the manga fans is that the final chapter of Attack on Titan Manga series was released on April 9, 2021. Attack on Titan was the story about […]

Nuclear Fusion: A Possible Way to Provide Power in Future

Electricity is essential for our daily lives. You need it for your cellphones, computers, lightbulbs, and other electronic devices. The more people use these devices, the more electric power we need to produce. Nuclear Fusion reaction has been studied as an alternative way to produce power for a long time because it will produce lots […]

Brexit Trade Taxes raise tensions in North Ireland, violence ensues.

In the wake of BREXIT Pro Irish Loyalists in Northern Ireland have been protesting the policies imposed along the border by the UK. Previously, the Prime Minister of the UK said there would be no border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. As a result of Brexit including trade barriers, however, the UK put up the […]

Death of the Author?

“The Death of the Author” is an essay by French theorist and literary critic Roland Barthes in 1967. Essentially, it stated that once a work is written, the author’s biases and intentions hold no more special weight. After all, something the author might have set out to accomplish can have an entirely different meaning depending […]

School COVID Survey

With cases still rising and the vaccine still not yet administered to people below the age of 18 the question arises, How safe are we? Over the course of two days, I interviewed multiple students (3 classes worth, in high school) to get their opinions on how the school is working to keep us safe […]

Civil Unrest in Ethiopia: What Causes It & What Has Happened So Far.

Preview At The Conflict Countries like Sudan and Eritrea have seen devastating waves of refugees (2500+) flooding into their countries. The primary cause is the power dispute between the federal government and the regional one. Tigray’s regional government is called the TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front), established back in 1975, and most of Ethiopia’s modern […]

Egyptian Mummy – King Tut

There are many ancient traditions that were practiced long ago. You may have seen the topic of mummies resurfacing in movies. They are part of Egyptian culture. Egyptians have been practicing mummification since ancient times. Mummification is the act of preserving one’s body while also keeping the body intact so it could be transported to […]
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